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Agora E-commerce Theme

Agora E-commerce Theme

Agora is a Octobercms e-commerce theme with powerful features. It uses Shopaholic plugin, a very powerful e-commerce plugin that will meet all your needs. All e-commerce pages is here:

Catalog, Category list, Parent category list, Product list, Product page, Brand List, Brand page, Cart & form page, Success purchase page, Blog list, Blog category, Blog post, Tags page, Tags search, Search page,  Contact page, About page, Services page and more!

You can create pages fast and easy using build in Page Builder system. With the help of Rainlab pages plugin you can select your blocks, fill out the ready fields inside and save them. If you like you can change blocks position on your page. Super fast e-commerce development with Agora Octobercms theme.

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A unique and powerful octobercms ecommerce theme with awesome features!


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Agora E-Commerce Theme

Octobercms e-commerce theme with the power of Shopaholic Plugin. Create unlimited categories and products and grow your business. All the pages you need for easy and fast eshop development with the power of Octobercms.


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